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Meet the Baz Bagels

High Quality - NYC traditional ingredients make up the unique bagel dough

Bagels are made in small batches with high quality bagel flour, water, salt, yeast and MALT!

We use the tradition of liquid malt (similar to molasses) in our dough. This gives our bagel its unique taste and traditional flavor.

Hand Rolled

We are proud to roll all of our bagels by hand (not by machine).
The bagel roller pulls the dough off into long strips  
and then rolls the dough into the shape of a Baz bagel


The hand-rolled bagels are left to rest and slowly ferment over night
enhancing the flavor of the bagels

Kettle Boiled

Bagels are placed in the kettle of boiling water for about
30 seconds which makes bagels unique.
Kettle boiling sets the dough and allow bagels to retain is shape and exceptional flavor

Burlap Boards

Bagels are removed from kettle and placed on wood boards covered in burlap.
They are seeded and reshaped if necessary.  The boards are placed into the oven with 5-6 bagels per board. If we put wet bagels directly on the oven surface they would stick.  
The boards provide a special medium for them to bake.
After about 3-4  minutes we flip the bagels off the board (the bagel has dried enough in that time in the hot oven that it wont stick)


Baking & Eating!

Bagels bake in a rotating oven approximately 15 minutes
until they are hot and ready to eat!!